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April 2014
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Urgent Legislative Alert for Nov.5
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Posted by: Maria Vitale @ 10:32 am

Call your U.S. House member again–Urge a NO vote on the pro-abortion “Rule” on HR 3962 before Friday!

Please forward this urgent alert to your pro-life friends and family members!

Pro-abortion Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) is planning to try to ram the massive health care bill, HR 3962, through the U.S. House of Representatives this week.  The most critical roll call will occur on a procedural vote–called “The Rule”–that is expected to take place on Friday, Nov. 6, or Saturday, Nov. 7.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is urging every pro-life Pennsylvanian to immediately call his or her Congressional Representative with this urgent message:  “I urge the Representative to vote NO on the Rule on the health bill, HR 3962, because it does not allow the House to vote on the pro-life Stupak Amendment.  The so-called pro-life language that Speaker Pelosi has put into the bill is completely phony.  A vote for this Rule is a vote to set up a new nationwide federal health insurance program, called the public option, that will be authorized to pay for abortion on demand with federal funds.  The only pro-life vote is NO on the Rule on HR 3962.”

Even if you have already called and written your representatives about the health care bills, it is crucial that you call again now.  The number to call is 202-224-3121.

After you have placed this critical call, you can then e-mail your Representative through National Right to Life’s Legislative Action Center at .

Thank you so much for taking the time to send an urgent message to your Representative on health care reform.  The lives of untold numbers of preborn children and the health of their mothers depend on it!


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